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Hotwire Coupon Vacation: Top Things To Do in England.

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Here’s the deal: we were given an exclusive Hotwire hotel promo code for use anywhere in the EU. With that sweet travel coupon code burning a hole in our pocket, we decide to construct an impromptu trip around England. If Hotwire doesn’t work out for you, we also have a 10% off promotion from Travelodge.

But what to do? Where to go? The nation is so large, with so many centuries of history? How can one see England …


Best Places to Visit in Sussex, England

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Sussex is a sunny part of England with so much to see- an expansive coastline, charming villages and a gentle rolling countryside. You can spend a day exploring the landscape, seek out the beauty of nature along the coast line or simply sit back and soak in the vibrant culture. Plus if you use 15% off Express Deals from Priceline, you can turn the trip into an affordable getaway:

Here are the 7 best places to visit in Sussex, England:




Things to Do in Lewes

Lewes is a nice and beautiful county town in England. It is a part of the administrative county of East Sussex. This place also has a pretty interesting history to know about. This place has a perfect scenic beauty being close to the sea. You will love to enjoy and explore the waterside hotels and restaurants. You can also do a lot of things here in this place. It has several things to offer you and you will surely love to explore the town to …