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Great Hikes in Sussex, England

Sussex England has a lot of hikes where you can spend hours enjoying yourself with your loved ones. There are many things you can learn from the trails. You will have an opportunity to familiarize yourself with court-side in Sussex England as well as having the chance to interact with the locals. It is for you to choose, Sussex has both local as well as national trails for you to choose. If you love walking, which is healthy, you need to familiarize yourself with the natural trails in Sussex; they will offer you the best opportunity to interact with nature as you burn those excess calories. Others have guided tours which you can take advantage and learn a lot from the locals.

Great Hikes in Sussex, England

1.The South Downs Way

It is an old trail which follows the old driveways. The route passes through the ridges and escarpments where you will get to admire the local wildlife. You can spend hours watching the beautiful escapements while you hike through the routes. The way spans for more than 160 kilometers. You can spend several days familiarizing yourself with the place before you are done with the nature trail. It spans from Eastbourne to Winchester. It is a place where many hikers prefer.

2. European Coastal Path

It is among the longest trails so far. E9 spans from Portugal to Estonia. It is a total of 5000 kilometers. If you are a serious hiker, you will find the hike a place for you to spend several months. The England section spans for about 711 kilometers. It passes right through Sussex hence making it one of the remarkable hikes through the place. It is a straightforward way you can follow from Jevington through Sussex to South Downs way.

3. Downs Link

It Links the North Downs way and the South Downs. The link will pass you through ST Martha’s hill across to the weld. Towards the coast, you will pass through Shoreham by the Sea. Most of the route passes through an old unused railway line. The path is well defined for you to make your lifetime hike.

4. Vanguard Way

It is a 107-kilometer route from the suburbs to the sea. The route starts from the outskirts of Croydon to Newhaven. It will pass you through some of the exciting Sussex courtside such as Ashdown Forest and the Ariston. It finally meanders out to the sea through the beautiful Cuckmere Valley. When about to enter the cost; you will experience the seven sisters views. Other parts where you can relax during your hike include the vanguards rambling Club which is a club named after the pioneer of the route.

5. Monarch’s Way

The monarch’s way passes through a length of 615 miles. It offers one of the longest trails in England. It follows the path taken by Prince Charles in as the field to Europe ate the defeat of his army during the Battle of Worcester in 1651. The price entered Sussex near Stansted Park while he was traveling to Arundel, Bramber, and Brighton where he was about to be given away. He made his Royal escape by sea at Shoreham. Many Sussex Inns claim the Prince had spent a night before he made the royal escape. After his exile in Holland and France, the king returned home after nine years to become the king of England.

6. Sussex Border Path

It is a footpath which is nearly 150 miles long. It passes through the inland boundary of the county of Sussex. It starts from Thorny Island to Rye. It provides a route through the lower clay and sandstone Wealden area. It is a route many hikers enjoy while in Sussex.

7. Sussex Ouse Valley Walk

This is a beautiful 42-mile journey which follows the river Ouse from its source at lower beading and passes through Linfield, Barcombe Mills, Lewes, Rodmell, and Newhaven. Some of the fascinating adventures you will experience during the hike include Ouse Valley viaduct and Mount Caburn. You will as well see Lewes gardens and Nymans among other exciting countryside tourist attractions.

8. Forest Way

The forest way is about 10 miles. It runs along an old railway line from East Grinstead to Groombridge. It lies within the high Weald area of outstanding natural beauty. It passes close to Grinstead where you will learn a lot. Other areas you will pass through while on the route include Forest Row, Withyham, Hartfield, and Groombridge. The forest way route is readily available for people who have disabilities. It is among few routes you can take with your physically challenged lover.

9. High Weald Landscape Trail

The landscape trails about 140 kilometers long. It passes through England between Horsham and West Sussex. You will as well pass through East Sussex and Rye while on the route. It is designed to pass through major landscapes hence offering you the best opportunity to learn about different tourist attraction sites in Sussex. It is a path which assures you sightseeing to many natural beauties. It passes through parts of Kent, rolling hills, stone outcrops, and wooded values. If you like to hike through Sussex and enjoy the most of its natural beauties, then you need to follow the route.

10. Wealdway

The trail passes from Thames estuary to the English Channel. It is 129 kilometers long taking you through remote courtside which span with valleys, rivers, and wooded farmland. The route begins at Gravesend on the Thames and finishes at Eastbourne. It will pass you through places such as North Downs, low Kentish, Sussex Weald and Ashdown Forest. You will learn a lot during your hike because it passes in most of the places where you will be interested in spending your time or even take photos.

11. Cuckoo Trail

This is a 14 miles path through the East Sussex countryside. It is mostly traffic free and very safe. It is a perfect place for both walkers and cyclists who will like to experience a quiet place as they hike. It forms part of the national cycle network route 21. The route follows what a former cuckoo line was.The trail track stretches from Heathfield to Eastbourne Park. It passes through Hailsham, Horan and Pole gate. Other great routes you can follow include 1066 Country Walk, Royal Military Canal, Wey-South Path, Serpent Trail, West Sussex Literary Trail, New Lipchis Way and Midhurst Way.