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Best Places to Visit in Sussex, England

Best Places to Visit in Sussex, England

  Sussex is a sunny part of England with so much to see- an expansive coastline, charming villages and a gentle rolling countryside. You can spend a day exploring the landscape, seek out the beauty of nature along the coast line or simply sit back and soak in the vibrant culture. Here are the 7 best places to visit in Sussex, England:

1. Brighton

Brighton gains the title of being the largest and the most progressive city in all of England. Oftentimes, Brighton has been called the mini-London of the South. Your first day should be spent here if you love a rich history and engaging stories. Celebrate as the dark comes, because the night life is also something to look forward to. The Royal Pavilion is a balloon-like structure that holds onion domes and minarets. Get inside the tale of how this royal residence was originally built for George…