Things to Do in Lewes

Lewes is a nice and beautiful county town in England. It is a part of the administrative county of East Sussex. This place also has a pretty interesting history to know about. This place has a perfect scenic beauty being close to the sea. You will love to enjoy and explore the waterside hotels and restaurants. You can also do a lot of things here in this place. It has several things to offer you and you will surely love to explore the town to the fullest. Here are some of the things that you do in Lewes:

#1: Visit Lewes Castle


This castle is a Norman Castle which is 1000 years old. Undoubtedly, you will love to go and explore this castle with such a stunningly beautiful panoramic view from the top of this castle. You can witness the ancient style spiral staircase leading to the highest top of the tower. You can see a fantastic backdrop of the castle with photos. They also run various historical themed activities in this castle during the national school holidays. You can definitely go and participate in these activities to bag some rewards too. It will be highly interesting to you if history is your forte.


#2: The Treasure Hunt Treasure Trail

Lewes self-guided treasure hunt themed treasure trail is one of the most fascinating and entertaining things that you can do in Lewes. With the clues that are provided you will have to search for the answers. You will get really engrossed into this game and get busy learning more. This game is available for 6 years old and above. You will find the clues in different things such as information boards, statues and plaques. You will have to apply some common sense and brain to find your answers. You will be given with clear directions which will lead you to the next clues. This is a must try for you.


#3: Spring Barn Farm

If you are looking out for some ideal fun time with your family, then visit the Spring Barn Farm. Here you will be able to discover many indoor as well as outdoor adventures. If you are an animal lover and you love mini adventures then this place is ideal for you. It is surrounded by lush green open spaces full of cute animals and their babies. This place offers relaxation and fun at the same time. You can play and exercise in the beautiful sunshine. This will surely help you to get yourself recharged. With the Farmhouse Kitchen Restaurant & Café in Spring Barn Farm, you can treat your taste buds as well as fulfill your appetite. They serve tasty means and snacks which you will surely love to gorge on.


#4: Bentley Wildfowl and Motor Museum

This is an educational room for the children with information about wildfowl. There is also a woodland trail that you can follow with different information boards regarding wildlife, ancient buildings and trees. You can play in the willow or even explore the play area, play hide and seek in the woods, ride on the train and many more fun activities with your family. This is an ideal place picnic with family and friends. There are many animals and birds on the reserve here. If you go with your family, then your kids will surely love this place.


#5: Sky High Trampoline Park

Do you love thrills and adventures? If yes, then you must visit the Sky High Trampoline Park. It offers 11,000 square feet of wall to wall trampolines. So try to fly, twist, turn and flip like you are a real action hero. You will be able to feel like a superhero in this place. Thus, it offers true fun and thrills to the people. Along with these, the park also have a really good café that sells amazing coffee, drinks and foods. It also has a free parking and Wi-Fi. This place also hosts birthday parties and it can be truly an amazing place to party.


#6: Newhaven Fort

Lewes is a small historical town that has a lot of fun and interesting places to visit. One such place is Newhaven fort that offers award winning attraction to the places. It has massive walls, tunnels, ramparts and guns displayed help the visitors to witness and experience how was the life in a Victorian Fortress. This is once in a lifetime experience that you should never miss. You will surely love to experience and learn their lifestyles. You can also learn a lot about the First and Second World Wars. So, if you have a real fascination towards history then you are going to love every bit of this Fort.


#7: Brighton Beach

Do you want to unwind and relax on a sea beach? Then you have to visit this Brighton Beach once. It is a long beach fully covered with pebbles. It is in a cove with shallow water safe and ideal for swimming. You will also get enough protection and natural windshield. You can wander on the beach and enjoy the ice cream parlors, antique shops and galleries located there. It is really a lovely experience which you should not miss at all.

What Else Can You Do?

There are a lot of things that you can do in Lewes besides visiting these places. You can hike, walk, bike or even swim. For the nature lovers, these are perfect options. There are paved trails for 3 miles and also camping ground where you can hike. This is a really fun activity that you can do with your friends or loved ones. You can also borrow a bike for some two hours and go for a biking. If you are interested in fishing you can also got for some alone time fishing and enjoying the nature.

Lewes is thus perfect for the adventure, nature and history lovers. This place has a lot of offer in order to make you learn more about history, do some real adventures and enjoy the nature. Time will fly away if you can really find your ideal place to go and have fun. You need to know which is the ideal place for you to visit and plan accordingly.