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Where to stay in Sussex, England

When looking for a place where to stay in Sussex, England, you will find many locations. There are several hotels in Sussex, England with different features. You should compare different hotels available before you decide on the best. Some of the factors you should take into consideration when looking for a place where you can stay include the facilities available. If you are traveling with your family members, then you should look for a place where you will access enough bedrooms for all your family members to enjoy. Some people will like to travel with pets. If you are among those who travel with pets, and then you should look for a pet-friendly hotel in Sussex. The tourist attraction site where you will like to pass your time in the area also matters. If you will like to travel to a place where you will enjoy with your loved ones, then it is better for you to book a hotel which is nearby for you to save on travel related costs.

Here’s Where to stay in Sussex, England:


1.Old Station Hotel

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The old railway station was built in 1892. It has been transformed into a bed and breakfast hotel where you can go and enjoy your time with family and friends at night if you will travel and it becomes too late for you to go back home. The rooms are available in the old station as well as in the nearby Pullman carriages which have been restored. It is a good place for you to visit and get to learn more about the old station after which you will sleep in the carriages. The hotel offers you exclusive services for you to develop a personal feeling of being in Sussex.


2. Zanzibar Hotel


It is a small modern boutique hotel. The hotel offers the best opportunity for couples to rejuvenate and relax. Each room is made to create different ambiance inspired by various parts of the world. You can book different rooms so that you can experience different atmospheres in each day of your stay in England. If you are a couple and you will like to visit Sussex for you to relax and unwind about your relationship, the hotel can be the best place for you to relax and think about your relationship. It creates the modem feel in a unique environment where you will enjoy your time. The foods served are of high quality for you to always feel at home.


3. Hare Farm Hideaways


The hotel offers self-catering and spacious rooms in Sussex. It is the best place for larger families. If you have couples who are looking for a place where they can go for a retreat in Sussex, they will find the hotel very helpful. It has all facilities you need to enjoy your trip in a large group. Few hotels have facilities designed for large groups of people traveling to Sussex, but the hotel has all it takes for you to be assured of quality services in Sussex. You can book a holiday home for your big family, and you will get to know different tourist attractions sites in Sussex. The hotel comes with all you need to enjoy your trip.


4. Fair Oak Farm


The farm offers two eco lodge houses for you to enjoy yourself. There are also several cottages which offer accommodation services in the area. The hotel is located at the heart of the countryside which makes it easy for you to interact with the locals in Sussex. Nearby areas in the vicinity where you can enjoy yourself during the daytime before you retire to the hotel include hills and meadows which make it the perfect place for you to go and enjoy horse riding. You can as well spend with your family for days hiking and riding bikes. The courtside offers the best locations for you to walk with your family members for your group. Horses are readily available for you to hire and spend your time hiking the hills in the courtside as you retire to the hotel at night.


5. Amberley Castle


The castle has 19 ensuite rooms offering world class accommodation facilities. The 9-century old castle is located at the base of South Downs. It is a privately owned villa where you can book the facility and have your wedding. Services and foods are of the highest standards possible. Apart from enjoying the historic castle accommodation, you can as well enjoy an 18 hole course and other facilities which make it attractive for travelers going to Sussex to enjoy themselves. You will access luxurious accommodation for you to spend your honeymoon with your loved ones. The professionals at the hotel know how to treat clients till they are fully satisfied. The lawn is always well maintained for you to achieve the best experience. You can spend hours on the lawn for you to interact with other travelers who are interested in seeing the historic building.


6. Bensfield Treehouse


The treehouse accommodation is located at High Weald. It offers modern self-catering services. The accommodation comes with en-suite shower rooms which will make you feel at home. The place is spectacular; you will have to cross a 24 rope bridge before you can access the tree house. It is an experience which will make you create a long lasting impression in your mind. The robe bridge allows you to have a clear view of different parts of the countryside. It is high enough for you to access different beautiful views as you cross or when relaxed on the treehouse.


7. Castle Cottage Bed and Breakfast


If you are looking for a romantic accommodation near Petworth town, then you better settle for castle cottage. It is on the grounds of Coates Castle mansion, and ancient woodland surrounds it. It has only three rooms for you to stay. They include the Treehouse, The Barn, and The Garden Room. You should book your room early so that you will avoid cases where you will arrive and find all the rooms have been occupied.


8. Shadow Woods


The accommodation facility is spread on a 60 acre of bluebell woodland. It offers the best accommodation services to people in West Sussex. Shadow Woods are ideal for people traveling in a group to West Sussex, and they will like to relax in a serene environment. You can as well go with your family, and you will access the right accommodation in the hotel.